Illustrated Faith Revival Camp: Bible Journaling Supplies

Summer is here! That means swimming, sun, and most importantly–summer camp! Why does camp have to just be for kids? Well, this summer Illustrated Faith has fixed that! Shanna and her amazing team have put together Revival Camp–a 12 week summer devotional/online workshop! Check out the website HERE for all the details and to join us! Week one started this week but you can jump in any time!

Every time I go through a devotional kit or study, I put together a stash of supplies that go along with the study. I tend to do a lot of my Bible/art journaling on the go, so I need to be able to have portable supplies. Having these “kits” also helps me stay focused as I already know that everything matches and is ready to use!



For this Revival Camp, the awesome team created a “Packing List” including a color chart which was super helpful. So the past few nights I have been “packing” and thought I’d share all the supplies I’ve pulled and prepared for this summer’s study!

Here is the main case I am carrying everything in. I picked up this cute First Aid bag last summer at Target. They don’t carry this one anymore but this year’s version by Oh Joy is adorable! I may or may not have that case too! I love that this has little compartments, but also zips closed and has a handle–and the fact that it matches is icing on the cake!


Traveler’s Notebook and Journals: Let’s start with my Journals. I got this cute little Traveler’s Notebook “faux dori” from Michaels and it came with two inserts, (one white and one kraft paper), which was great! The kraft paper notebook I am using as my Devotional and Art Journal. I put a sticker of the logo and year on the cover and washi taped the edges of all the pages. I put the Packing list on the front page. Then, each week, I will print out the devotional and washi tape it in. I will have the next page to art journal, write, doodle and reflect.

The green notebook I made with the printables from the Online Workshop from Illustrated Faith. I printed the cover on cardstock and cut it down to size. The inside pages are the Field Notes pages that IF provided. I printed them double sided and then folded and stapled everything together. I added some washi down the inside center binder for fun!

FullSizeRender (3)

Printables: Next came all the printables! These are so darn adorable! I have a feeling I’m going to be making more copies of these! I printed everything out twice already–once on cardstock and once on sticker paper–and cut them all out. I love the badges and the wordfetti so much! The little embellishments and ephemera are to die for too! I like to cut everything out ahead of time so that it’s all ready to use. However, I didn’t precut the wordfetti because I didn’t want them to get wrinkled or lost!


Washi Tape: Since you already saw how I’m using my washi tape, we’ll go there next! I pulled a selection of coordinating washi and have that set aside in a little pouch. A few are on a small ring from my cross stitching supplies. I’ll be using this for tip ins and attaching devos and who knows what else! Washi is just so cute!

FullSizeRender (1)

Journaling cards, paper and ephemera: I pulled a bunch of journaling cards (from an old Snap! packet I had gotten from Michaels) and scrapbooking paper that matched. I also found this pack of “Against the Grain” paper at Hobby Lobby and the rustic campy feel was too much to pass up! I love using scrap booking paper in my journals as backgrounds and I also love creating a scrapbook feel in my entries with die cuts and tags. I also tend to use “tip ins” in my Bible a ton!

A tip in is when you attach a piece of paper, card, tag, etc in to your Bible or journal with washi tape (usually). This allows you to create a flap so that you can journal underneath or on the back. It allows for more privacy–or just more space when you’re running out or already journaled on that page!

FullSizeRender (2)

Stickers: You can never go wrong with stickers! I LOVE me some good alpha sets! So I pulled out some color coordinating ones–and of course, all my Illustrated Faith Homespun alphas! I also included my Tim Holtz wordfetti packs because I love them! Those cute wooden hearts and arrows I found in the Dollar Spot at Target last summer and  I love how well they match for this!


Stamps: Can’t do art without stamps! 🙂 I have pulled some clear stamp sets I got from Michaels Boho line. Those little alpha stamps are just two of the many I have and will be using, I’m sure. They’re just like $1.50 or something, so I always rummage through the bin each time I’m in to see if they have new fonts. I’ve also pulled my Lists by Faith stamp set. I love the arrows and words in that one and am sure I’ll use it! That yellow stamp pad is also from that Illustrated Faith set. I have an acrylic block for my stamps and an olive green Color Box stamp pad. My Staz On black ink pad is my go to black ink. It does occasionally bleed through on my Bible pages, but not too bad if the stamp is light and I don’t push too hard. I mostly love this ink because it’s permanent and I can use watercolors, etc over it and don’t have to worry about it setting or smearing.


Faber Castell Big Brush Artist Pens: Lastly, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite and most used supplies–my Big Brush Pens. I got my starter pack of 15 on Amazon, and then have picked up a few from Blick Art Supplies, and most recently from my favorite Etsy shop! I LOVE these markers/pens. I use them to highlight in my devotionals and my Bible. They don’t bleed unless you really color over and over one spot. I color in my stamped images. I letter with them. Seriously…LOVE THEM. These are the colors I have pulled for this kit: 184 (dark naples ochre), 268 (green gold), 186 (terracotta), 132 (light flesh), 131 (medium flesh), 126 (permanent carmine), 167 (permanent olive green), 232 (cold grey III), 154 (light cobalt turquoise) and 170 (may green).


So that is my Revival Camp kit! I may add more here and there as we go. Not pictured were items like my tape runner, tiny attacher stapler from Tim Holtz, paper trimmer, and black journaling pens in varying sizes from Faber Castell. And I’m sure I’ll use my gelatos and neocolor ii watercolor crayons at some point too–but I’ll save those for another entry!

Hopefully this helps you see what I use when diving into a study. Please remember, none of this is necessary–just makes it more fun! All you need is paper, a pen and God’s word! It has to be about Him and what He’s doing in you…otherwise it’s not really coming from the heart!

I’d love to see you all join us for Illustrated Faith Summer Camp over these next few weeks. So hop over to their website and sign up for the workshop! I’ll be documenting my journey mostly on Instagram (@writergirl5786) and probably some on Facebook as well. I’ll do my best to keep this blog better up to date. I know I’ve had some requests for more Bible Journaling posts, so I’ve got some things in the works as my brain wheels are turning! For now, time to go put my feet in the kiddie pool and start reading through Week 1’s devotional!

Happy Summer and Happy Bible Journaling!



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    1. I carry most of them for this kit in that red bag. I also have the black Illustrated Faith zippered pouch that I keep extra stuff in. Then I throw those and my Bible in a tote bag and off we go!

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