Illustrated Faith Revival Camp: Week 9

imageRevive: verb; to activate, set in motion; or renew
Oh the theme of Rest…this is not something new to me. Especially lately. Rest is even my One Little Word for this year. You think God is trying to teach me something? 🙂

However, this week’s devotional wasn’t just about rest. It was about calming and quieting your soul; waiting in “patient stillness.” And in those moments, comes the refueling; the revival; the renewal. Essentially, in order to operate at the highest level that God wants us at, we must quiet ourselves and rest. Only then can He charge us up.

I struggle with this. I struggle with rest in general. I ask for renewal and recharging, but I don’t actually power down in order to receive that power from Him. This is NOT something that I can do on my own. 

As I was reading this devotional this week, a song kept playing over and over in my mind. The lyrics were echoing in my soul and I knew this was what God was trying to get through to me. I love the whole song but these lines were on repeat:

My heart beating/my soul breathing/I found my life when I laid it down/upward falling/spirit soaring/I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground/Find me here at Your feet again/everything I am/reaching out/I surrender. “Touch the Sky” by Hillsong United

imageI will find my life–I will reach new heights–when I trust Him completely and bow to His plan. I must surrender!

I found myself asking why I don’t really allow myself to rest? Especially when I know that it is what I need to be revived–and to survive! I think it follows similar themes I’ve been realizing each week. I don’t keep myself and my needs at the top of my priority list. I put everyone else ahead of myself. Often times, I don’t feel like my dreams and needs are as important as my families’ or my job’s or life, in general. I feel like if I focus on myself, I’m letting other things slide. 

I’m working on the self care and self appreciation–I promise! So as I start to take care of me and my dreams, I realize how desperately I need this quieting time. It’s not just a “quiet time”–it’s a quieting time. Sometimes I can do a devotional, or Bible Journal page, without actually quieting my soul. I might connect with God, but I don’t completely shut out the outside world or quiet my mind enough to really delve deep. God doesn’t want a distracted relationship; He wants me sold out, 100% focused. He wants me to be calm and quiet, and in those moments, He will meet me. image

Life is going to wear us down and out. Our dreams aren’t always going to be exciting. This is when we need Him to Revive us. How? I must carve out space for it. Jesus would always get alone to pray and be refilled before and after times of ministry. I need to follow His lead! In the stillness, I find God and He feeds me. It’s my job to reserve and create that time and space for Him. He is ready and waiting for me to calm and quiet my soul.

It’s not too late for you to join in on Revival Camp. Get more info here! You can find the rest of my Revival Camp Journey here!

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