Illustrated Faith Revival Camp: Week 12

We have come to the end of the Revival Camp study and journey. It’s kind of bittersweet. I’ve got a few devotionals that I’m excited to dive into, but this study has been really meaningful for me. Sometimes God comes and meets with you in places you didn’t really expect and those seem to be the really special moments you remember and hang onto.

This final week’s theme was Shine. It’s an idea that I have been feeling for a long time and may have written about here and there. I have been reminded over and over again that God has given me these gifts and talents, but they are not for my glory. They are all placed inside of me to bring glory to Him. It’s not about the number of followers or likes, it’s about the lives that are being touched and reminded of God’s love for each person viewing a post or reading this blog. 

I love this quote from Tonya’s devo:

I’ve seen what I can do on my own and it’s not that impressive. No, it is all the result of what He can do through me. So when I receive praise, I do so with grace. Then in my heart, I immediately take it to the feet of Jesus where it belongs. 

My story and my light is purely a reflection shining back on Him. We are all created for His glory. He has given us talents and passions and we are not meant to just keep those for ourselves. He wants us to use them. And when God moves through us as we use our gifts and live out our passions–and be sure, He will!–He is using us to bring the glory back to Him!

This journey has really stirred some things in me. I am not a very outspoken person. I’m an internal processor. I need to think about things for awhile before discussing them. And honestly, even once I’ve thought about them, I don’t always share my thoughts. I deal with a lot of self esteem issues, and a lot of the time, I don’t feel like my thoughts are that important or relevent. I second guess myself and doubt that I am good enough. 

When I started Week 1 and Tonya asked us to document our passions, I sat for awhile and really didn’t know what my passions were. I hadn’t acknowledged the things I was wired for for so long that I honestly, wasn’t really sure where to go or what to do. But as I sat in my Father’s presence and asked Him to guide me, words started flowing where I had previously felt blocked. I know what my passions are and now I know that He’s asking me to use them. I don’t really know where or how yet, but I know He will open doors when the time comes. For now, I’ve found a voice. I have a small platform. I’m not going to let that go to waste. He is preparing me and restoring me. The more I spend time with, walk with and seek after Him, He continues to grow and stretch me in my faith. He is taking me on an amazing adventure. His wild love has revived my soul and I am grounded in His words. All I have left to do is to shine for Him. 

I’m so thankful for this workshop. It has done a lot for my soul. Thank you, Shanna and Elaine and Tonya, for sharing your hearts. This is so much more than notebooks and stickers and cut outs and stamps. It’s about opening our hearts to our Creator and giving Him space to move in our lives. I’m so excited to see where He leads. 

If you’d like to learn more about Revival Camp, check out Illustrated Faith’s website HERE. If you want to read each week of my journey, you can find those HERE.

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