Bible Journaling Basics: What is Bible Journaling?


I figured we ought to start this Bible Journaling Basics series right at the beginning. As people look at me and my Bible that’s full to the brim of paper, paint, tabs and stickers, they tend to ask…”What are you doing?”

Bible Journaling!

Now, I certainly did not come up with this amazing creative way to read and respond to God’s word but I definitely am thankful to those who made it mainstream. If you go back through history, people have been artfully decorating Bibles for ages. Ancient Bibles included paintings depicting the stories. But Bible Journaling is different than that.

Bible Journaling is really quite simple. It is just reading God’s Word and responding in a creative, and sometimes artistic, fashion.

There’s an awesome lady by the name of Shanna Noel who first started posting about Bible Journaling on her blog around 2 years ago. Then she created an organization and now company, called Illustrated Faith. Shanna created a place for people to come together and learn from God’s Word in a new and creative way that sparked all sorts of colorful passions and excitement.

Sometimes Bible Journaling involves paint and stickers, and sometimes it’s just what the name implies–journaling in your Bible…pen to paper, pouring your heart out to your Abba Father.

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself and hit the topics I have planned for later this week, so that’s what I will leave you with. Hopefully you feel like you’ve got an understanding of what Bible Journaling is and tomorrow I can’t wait to share with you my story of discovering Bible Journaling and telling you why I love it so much!

8 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Basics: What is Bible Journaling?

  1. It might be fine when Bible journaling is all about reading and studying the Word, letting it lead you to be creative in the ways you memorize and record Scripture, but it can become very dangerous when the pictures are drawings take over form the Bible text. I have seen example where all the colours and drawings on the text took away the text, making it nearly impossible to read. Then exists the danger that fancies and false ideas or teachings take overhand from the Biblical teaching.

    1. Yes. This is true. The heart behind it, as with anything, needs to be pure and true. For me personally, I don’t stress if the words in my Journaling Bible get covered because it is an art and Journaling Bible. I still have a study Bible primarily for reading. I do try and not cover the words that much though because I want the scripture I’m referencing to be visible and rememberable. Thanks so much for your get thoughts!

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