Bible Journaling Basics: How do I start Bible Journaling?


So, you’ve got a journaling Bible and you are super excited! Yet, the most common question friends have asked me is, “How do I start?”

Honestly, I can’t help but smile because we are totally the ones that putting all the pressure on ourselves and making a big deal out of something that is actually quite easy. Later in this series I am going to dive into some practical steps and specific things you can do to get started with Bible Journaling, but today I am going to look at the big picture of getting started.

A lot of things can hold us back from beginning this fun journey of Bible Journaling–nerves, fear of putting pen or marker to paper, technique worries, wondering if our page will look as good as others’ or even just as good as it seems in our minds. While we are going to talk about some of these hold ups later in the month, the biggest thing we need to remember is to get out of our own heads. This is not about the art. The art is a fun byproduct. But Bible Journaling is all about our walk with God and getting into Scripture.

img_5024I came across this image and blog post from Shanna on Illustrated Faith’s website as I was getting ready to start Bible Journaling and I received the post card in one of my first orders from their etsy shop. I love how simple Shanna breaks down Bible Journaling and I wanted to share this with you guys as well!

Let’s follow Shanna’s simple steps:image

  1. Spend time with God! This is an obvious and important step–that’s why it’s number one! How do you start Bible Journaling? Get in your Bible! Spend some time reading a devotional, studying Scripture, listening to worship songs. Just spend time with our Heavenly Father.
  2. Pray about it. Like I said before, Bible Journaling isn’t about the art. It’s about learning and growing in what God is trying to teach us each day. So as you’re spending time with Him and preparing to Bible Journal, pray. Genuinely ask what He’s trying to lead you to and ask Him to guide your heart…and your art!
  3. Write it down! This is a big part for me. I’m a writer, in case you couldn’t tell! I love journaling and I love how this has opened that part of me back up. I love that I have dozens of quotes and thoughts and prayers written all throughout my Bible and journals as I process what God is speaking to me. Oftentimes, I will write everything out in my journals and then from there, focus in on the key points that I want to put in my Bible.
  4. Draw it! Once I’ve written everything out and focused in on my main point, I bust out my supplies and color things up! Don’t stress about the art…just let God guide you. 
  5. Date it! This is an important step. Don’t forget to date each entry in your Bible. It is really cool to go back through your Bible and see what God has been teaching you in different seasons of life. Oftentimes, I’ll end up in a passage that I’ve already journaled about and it’s cool to see how God is weaving things together into the bigger picture only He can see.
  6. Tab it! I love this step. I love seeing little tabs and clips sticking out of my Bible. I love to pick a word or phrase to be on the tab so that when I’m looking for a certain theme or idea, I’m able to easily pick out my entries. 
  7. Forget the rules! I love what Shanna says here, “Just connect with God in the way that’s most natural to you!” Amen sister! That’s what this is all about. It’s not about making your pages look just like the ones that are on Pinterest. It’s about you connecting with God. Boom. The end. But seriously, find what works for you and then…just do it!

And that is how you start Bible Journaling in 7 easy steps! Tomorrow we will talk about what you need to get started; hint…it’s a lot less than you’d think!



5 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Basics: How do I start Bible Journaling?

  1. Hi! Thanks for this series, you have done a great job introducing me to Bible Journaling which I took the plunge with today! I look forward to using this in my walk with God.

    1. Oh thank you so much and I am so glad that you are starting this journey! Today is my one year anniversary and now we’ll share that! So excited to see how this shapes your life!!

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