Bible Journaling Basics: What do I need to start Bible Journaling?


A few weeks ago, I started putting out feelers about my topic and asking friends what questions they had about Bible Journaling. Hands down, this was the biggest question, “What do I need to start Bible Journaling?” The answer is going to be a lot simpler than what you may think.img_5028

The Bible and a Pen…that’s all you need!

Seriously! All you truly need to start Bible Journaling is your Bible. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Bible. It doesn’t even have to be a Journaling Bible! (Come back tomorrow to dive into how to pick a Bible! There’s a lot out there and it can be overwhelming.) Once you’ve got your Bible, grab a pen. It doesn’t have to be a fancy pen. It can be black, red, purple, you name it! (And yes, we’ll be talking pens later in the series too!) 

Once you’ve got those two items, you are ready to start. From there, you can follow those 7 steps we talked about yesterday and journal away. You’ll have your Bible, so you can read and study Scripture. And with your pen you can journal, hand letter, draw, doodle–with a pen you can do anything!

Honestly, I think this issue runs deeper than, “What do I really need to start Bible Journaling?” We let ourselves get caught up in the whole, “I need to be ready and have all the supplies before I can really start!” I get it…I was totally there. I wanted to start…but I wanted to have pretty pages too. So I wanted to wait to start til I had just the right supplies. But that isn’t what Bible Journaling is truly about, at the heart of it. It’s about connecting with God, right where you are at. So if that means you have a million paints and stickers–awesome! But if it means you have an older Bible and a bic pen–that’s awesome too!

We’re going to spend a chunk of time in this series talking about tons of different supplies and ways you can use them. However, I really want this message to ring true to all of you. It’s not about the supplies. It’s not about blowing a budget on stickers and paint. It’s about connecting with God in a way that’s natural and right for you. It’s about digging into the Word of God and learning and listening to Him. So I promise, all you need is a Bible and a Pen and you are ready. Don’t wait. Just jump in.

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