Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies-Pens and Pencils


We are going to spend the next section of this series talking about different supplies that can be used in Bible Journaling–focusing in especially on some of my favorites. I will be going over tips and techniques with using these supplies and showing examples from my Bible as well!

Before we jump into our first day of supplies, I want to give a preface and remind everyone that these are absolutely NOT required supplies for Bible Journaling. If you haven’t read my past posts, you can find my post on “What do I NEED to start Bible Journaling,” HERE! These are simply suggested supplies, my favorite supplies and supplies that are super fun to use. Also, please keep in mind…I have been collecting supplies for the past year, but when I started, I was pulling mostly from craft supplies I already had! I highly recommend you begin there as well. This does not need to be overwhelming–just fun!


Pens and Pencils are the bread and butter for Bible Journaling. Remember, I said all you need is a Bible and a Pen! What kind of pen, you might ask? There are gazillions out there! Let me share with you some of my favorites!

img_5066  Hands down, the best black pens–in my book, anyway–are the Fabel Castell PITT pens. I did not start out with these pens. I saved up and used a Michael’s coupon in order to snag this 8 pack! I love that this pack with 8 different tip types and sizes. This is absolutely one of my most reached for items. I tend to use the XS and S tips the most for my outlining and journaling. I also love that these write great over paint, watercolors, gelattos, you name it!

Tip: When writing over any type of painting or color work, be sure that it is completely dry. If you don’t, you’ll ruin your pen tips. 

I will say that this pack has absolutely stood up to the test of time. I’ve had these for probably 10 months now and they still write great and the tips are still sharp!

img_5069Honorable Mentions go to these two black pens: the Zig Millennium and the Micron pens.  These are the two that I started out using a year ago because I already had them in my scrapbooking supplies. I had already had them for years but they still wrote great. They both come in multiple tip sizes. However, even though I was trying to be careful, I felt like these tips got messed up pretty easily when trying to write over paint, etc. Some people love these more than PITT pens, but I personally, tend to stick with my Faber Castells.


img_5067I do love my Sharpie pens as well. However, I don’t tend to use those in my Bible as much. I haven’t noticed bleed through but I tend to keep those in my planners or art journals.

Hands down, the best white pen out there is the Uniball Signo white gel pen. I have tried a million different white pens and this is absolutely the best option. It writes well over paints, etc (though sometimes you need to go over it a few times if the ball skips). I LOVE this pen!



Colored pencils are a great first step into adding color into your Bible. Paint is super daunting at first (don’t worry, we’ll get there!) but colored pencils is an easy step. There are tons of colored pencil options out there and some can get super pricey. I am sure that the Derwent and Prismacolor pencils are amazing–I’ve heard great things! But for me, I started with and stick to my Crayola Twistable Colored pencils. We already had some for my kids, so I know they are durable. They have pretty colors and are essentially, always sharp. I also don’t mind if my kiddos get into them. Also, you can’t go wrong with a 30 pack for $6.99 at Target!

There you have it! My favorite pens and pencils for the start of your Bible Journaling supply stash! Do you have a favorite type of pen or pencil you use in journaling? Tomorrow, we’ll talk about one of my absolute favorite supplies–Markers!


3 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies-Pens and Pencils

  1. Thanks for the suggestions of pens and pencils. Like you I mostly work with what I have– which includes the Crayola twistables, a set of 48 Stampin’ Up markers that I got years ago (some of those are beginning to dry out, so I’ve had mixed results with them), and a small set of Prisma colored pencils. I do love the Prismas and would enjoy having a larger set, but I can’t really justify spending the money right now when I have so many other options already on-hand.

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