Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies–Markers


Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite supplies in my whole stash! Let me say, I’m sure there are a lot of markers out there–I’ve tried Faber Castell, Distress Markers and some Recollection brand markers. But hands down, my all-time fave, and probably most used items in all my supplies, are my Faber Castell Big Brush PITT pens/markers!

img_5078I kept seeing these markers pop up on friends I was following on social media, who use them for Bible Journaling. I knew I had to get them. I already used and loved the Faber Castell Black Artist pens for writing and lettering and trusted this brand.

I LOVE all the colors of these markers and I adore their versatility! They have PITT Big Brush Pens and the smaller brush pens are called PITT Artist Pens. The brush tips is definitely more flexible on the small pens, if you are wanting to do lettering.

I love to use these as “highlighters” in my devotionals and journals and Bibles! The best part…they don’t bleed through my Bible pages! (As long as I don’t go over and over one area there’s not bleed through issues.)

Another fun little trick to using these is to use these markers as a water color! I take an acrylic block (from stamping), but you could probably use plastic packaging as well,  and color a bit on the block getting the ink on the block. Then I take my water brush (or a normal paintbrush) and get the ink wet and then paint it on my page, just like normal water colors. It’s like magic! I especially like to do this with the darker color markers. Sometimes the darker ones are too dark to read the text underneath when I’m using it as a highlighter. So I do this little watercolor trick and voila! Pretty colors and visibility!

img_5077You can find these markers all over! Hobby Lobby carries a handful of colors. I got my first set for Christmas, from Amazon. Blick Art Supply also carries all the colors. My friend Lori has a shop on Etsy and she carries every color and does a great Buy 4, get 1 free deal!

I know I’m probably going to say, “these are my favorite” more than once in this series, but just know–these definitely are one of my faves!!

8 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies–Markers

      1. And like I said in my earlier posts, it’s definitely less about the supplies and more about the heart and time spent in the Word! Art supplies just make it fun! But it’s all about the heart! ((Hugs))

  1. Dear writergirl5786
    I absolutely love the fact that not only do you tell us about the product but you also provide images. Also appreciate that you give us the example images. What you do with your faith and the word is truly inspiring.

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