Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies–Paint


Today we are going to dive into the world of paint. Let me preface by saying, by no means am I an expert with paint. I actually feel pretty inadequate when it comes to painting, but I want to share my knowledge and tips with you all. You don’t have to be great at everything when it comes to Bible Journaling. Find your niche–the things you like and are comfortable with–and go with it.

I had a friend remind me today the meaning of “bravery”–being aware of your limitations but pressing on despite of them (thanks, Maggie!) Painting was absolutely something I shied away from when I first started Bible Journaling. I wasn’t familiar or comfortable with controlling the paints, mixing colors or water, and blending them on my Bible pages. But I pressed on!


I saw this post of Shanna’s on Illustrated Faith’s blog–I feel like I’d seen another one earlier, but I can’t find it now. This video she walks through this awesome technique of applying acrylic paint that I love!

img_5175My personal vote for best acrylic paint is Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint. The colors I have, I got when they would go on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I love this paint because it is thick and it sits on top of the page. This is the reason that it dries fast and there’s not bleed through. The most water based your paints are, the more they soak into the page. That makes it take longer to dry and tends to cause it to bleed through the pages.

The technique that I learned from Shanna, is this way of applying the paint to the page with a gift or credit card. This technique allows you to spread the paint on thinly across the page, which allows you to stil be able to read the text underneath (depending on the darkness of the paint color, obviously. The blue and purple that I have are a little dark and it gets hard to read the text underneath those colors.)

Here’s a little step by step in pictures to walk you through this technique:img_5176

Step 1: You’ll want to have a mat of some sort underneath your page. This will protect your other pages and will also keep you you from getting paint elsewhere. Before I got this Illustrated Faith mat, I just used a plastic placemat from the Dollar Store that I cut in half.

You will want to secure your page to your mat. I tend to use a small piece of washi tape and stick the page to the mat. This allows me to easily move the tape, as needed. You want to secure your page down because this frees up a hand and you won’t have to worry about your page ripping.

img_5177Step 2 & 3: Take a gift card or old credit card and designate that to be your paint card. Illustrated Faith has some on their site, but I just use this old Best Buy card. I lucked out with this one because it has different sized edges to spread the paint.

Put a small blob of paint just along the edge you want to paint with. You are then going to drag the card down the page in whatever direction you want, in order to cover whatever part of the page you are wanting to cover. Remember, if it goes on too thick initially, you can drag back over it and pull the paint elsewhere. This will keep the paint layer thin and allow it to dry quickly. (I’ll post a quick video on my Instagram because it’s not uploading to the blog post.)


Here’s the final page. You can do as many colors as you’d like. What I love about this paint is that it dries super fast so by the time I’ve gotten the next color on my card, the first is already dry on the page!

To clean up my card and anything I get on my mat, I just use a baby wipe. This paint cleans up really easily.

I love all the bright colors of this Liquitex brand. They’re so rich and bright! Can’t go wrong!

img_5179Here’s a picture of the back of that page. You can see that there’s no bleed through–just a little shadowing. I took this right after painting, so the shadowing will get less the more it dries; same with the wrinkling of the page. The only spot that’s showing is where I slopped some yellow paint onto the back.

So that’s my insight on paints! As far as water colors go, I’m still getting the hang of these. I just have a Crayola set that’s in the picture at the top of the post. Illustrated Faith did just come out with an awesome water color set. If I ever start feeling confident in my painting skills, I may pick it up. They also have a set of acrylic paints that are apparently really awesome!

That’s your crash course on paints! Hope it helped alleviate some of the fears and uncertainties. I know I certainly had fears when it came to paints when I first started. If you have other tips or tricks when it comes to painting, please share with us! Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about stamps–one of my favorite supplies to use in Bible Journaling!

3 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies–Paint

  1. I love to see how women are being creative with their journaling. 🙂 I have a separate drawing pad for my journaling art. I think I can apply the card technique there as well. 🙂

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