Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies–Stamps


Today we are  taking a look into the world of stamps! Stamping certainly isn’t anything new or singularly special to Bible Journaling, but it is a relatively simple and fun way to add different lettering or images to your pages with pretty minimal amounts of work! I’ve totally grown to love stamping and am especially a sucker for fun “alphas,” (alphabet stamps). Tomorrow I am going to be talking about inks–which is really a bulk of what stamping is. Today is definitely a basics 101 on stamps.img_5200

The image above is a nice picture of the different types of stamps I own. Let me walk you through each of them and then I’ll touch on how I do some stamp storage.

Starting with the top left, is the Mega Date Roller Stamp from Studio Calico. This guy is HUGE but oh, so fun! This roller stamp is Out of Stock more than it’s in stock, but if you can get your hands on one…you’ll love it. One of the staples of stamping for me is including the date on each of my Bible Journal entries. I also have a smaller date stamp from Heidi Swapp that I love and love pretty regularly as well. Illustrated Faith has a cute date stamp with fun sayings on it as well! Whether you hand write it or stamp it–put a date on it!

Moving clockwise in the circle we come to the two wood block alpha stamp sets. This is the traditional style stamp people envision when the hear the word, “stamp.” I already mentioned I love alphabet stamps. I love that they are clean and neat and different from my handwriting. The big alpha set is from Amy Tangerine. The little set is one of many that I have picked up from the Michael’s $1.50 bin. They have dozens of fonts in these tiny stamps and I LOVE them! The only downside is that you get what you pay for, and they are cheap for a reason. Multiple different sets of these have started to have the stamp fall off of the wood, but I’ve just super glued them back on. For $1.50, I’ll take it!

(tip: I just use baby wipes to clean off my stamps. I normally stamp what I need/want on my page and then stamp off a few times onto scrap paper and then, if needed, wipe off with a baby wipe or wet paper towel!)

Using alpha stamps to include lyrics in my Bible!

That clear block that you can see underneath the tiny alpha set in the original picture, is an acrylic block. These are what you use with clear cling stamps–which is the final item you see in that picture! (These stamps are from the Lists by Faith Illustrated Faith Devotional Kit from a few months ago. Each new kit comes with a new stamp set and Illustrated Faith also sells individual stamp sets and I just love them!) I adore clear cling stamps! With wooden block stamps, I often end up misplacing my image or letters, or end up with things crooked because I can’t see exactly where I’m placing the stamp on the page. However, with clear cling stamps…that problem has been solved! You peel your clear stamp off it’s plastic packaging and place it on your acrylic block, like so: img_5201

I love having acrylic blocks with lines on them because I can be sure my stamp is straight and even. Then you just use the block and stamp like they are one–just like a wooden stamp. Dab onto your ink pad and press onto your paper and tada! Done! Once I’m done stamping, I place it back in the packaging and we’re good to go. I have had people look at me like I was crazy when I said the clear plastic things were stamps because they’d never seen this concept. But let me tell you, it’s hard to go back to wooden stamps when clear ones are so easy! They take up WAY less room too!

(tip: the clear stamps just cling to the acrylic block like magic! But if your stamps aren’t sticking well to your block, they may have just gotten dusty or dirty. Wash them gently with soapy water and you should be good as new!)

Speaking of taking up less room, let me show you how I store my clear stamps. I got this idea from my friend, Lori, who made these storage albums for her etsy store and I just put my own together with what I already had!

I took an empty photo album and put a bunch of 4×6 pocket pages in it. This size pocket perfectly fits all my Illustrated Faith stamp sets. I also included some 6×8 pockets in the back as well, so that my larger stamps could slide it. I love that all my stamps are in one spot and it’s easy to flip through and see them!

Tip: Stamp on fun paper and then cut out the stamped image and put that in your Bible! Makes it fun and colorful and no worries about ink bleed through.
Here’s a page I did using a bunch of different heart clear stamps. I arranged them on my acrylic block and then repeatedly stamped them all over the page in different colors! I also use stamps to designate what study I’m working through. Those flowers in the corner–I used those in some way on each entry for that devotional. A fun way to show what I was working through in that study!

That is the lowdown on stamps! I’m super excited to talk about different inks to stamp with tomorrow! Do you have a creative stamp storage solution? I’m always looking for organizational upgrades–especially for my wood blocks stamps!


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