Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies–Printables, Paper Pieces & Tip Ins


Today’s supply topic covers a lot of ground and endless options. I love using paper items in my Bible and art journaling. I did quite a bit of scrapbooking in high school and beyond, so that niche is definitely where I’m comfortable. Cute paper and die cuts and I’m raring to go. Today I’m going to walk through a few key different types of paper items you can utilize in your journaling.

Look at how fun and colorful this all is? A majority of these are from Illustrated Faith. The cards in the bottom left are from Simple Stories.

Let’s start with Printables. There are endless amount of Bible Journaling specific Printables. Find some you like and you’re ready to go. Some of my favorite Printables can be found in Illustrated Faith’s Print and Pray Shop. Plus, if you sign up for their newsletters, there are freebies every so often. Each week, the creative team releases new Printables and they are always adorable.

img_5427I love Printables because you can print out as many as you’d like, in all different formats. I typically start by printing them on card stock. If I think they’d be great stickers, I print them out on full sheet sticker paper. I just started printing some on transparencies and I LOVE this affect! This allows you to print out adorable images and designs and still be able to see through them to the text below. Genius!



I absolutely adore Illustrated Faith’s paper pieces (also known as die cuts)! They aren’t as thick as card stock, but they’re thicker than copy paper…so the perfect thickness to go on your Bible pages. These pieces pictured are from the IF You are Loved collection and they are just adorable. Another fun thing about Illustrated Faith paper pieces, they feature Bible Verses on the back. This makes for a really cool journaling prompt. Not sure what to Bible Journal on a certain day, but you really are loving a cute little die cut? Flip it over and head to that verse. You’ve already got a starting piece for your creative journaling! I just love each of these collections and all the fun colors!

Now, you might be wondering what exactly a Tip In is. I know I mentioned them yesterday in my washi tape post, but let me go a little deeper. A Tip In is when you put a card, piece of paper, cute item into your Bible that allows you to add some journaling either under the card or on the back of the card. I tend to do this when I need more space on a page, when I come across a page I’ve already journaled on, or when I want to do some more private journaling on my page but still want it to be colorful and cute!

img_5420When I first started doing Tip Ins, I stumbled across the Simple Stories journaling cards packs at Hobby Lobby. I loved the cute colors and designs and the cards were the perfect sizes to add into my Bible.


Illustrated just came out this summer, with packs of Tip In cards–and they are awesome. They are pictured in the collage above. They are measured perfectly to fit in the 2″ margins of your Bible and are colorful, but also feature great journaling prompts! Instant Bible Journaling. Love!img_5185

What is your favorite ways to use paper items in your Bible? I don’t know if I could pick a favorite! Pretty much all of my favorite pages include at least one of these items!

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