Bible Journaling Basics: Supplies–Tabs & Clips

img_5457We are almost done with the Supplies segment of this series! When I was planning it out, I felt like there were a ton of “supplies” posts but when writing them each day, it’s actually been really fun! Hopefully you have enjoyed learning about some of my favorite supplies! Today we’re going to talk about tabs and clips and then, tomorrow is the last day of supplies!


There a million options out there in regards to tabs and clips. Personally, I really think it’s great to tab each entry. I try and summarize the theme or main thought of the entry into a word or phrase and put that on the tab. This way, when I’m looking at my Bible I can easily see the different topics that have been covered and I’m able to find again later on.

If you look at the top of my Bible, you will see a whole assortment of tabs and clips sticking out. I love the chunkiness and brilliance of colors that shows where I have been studying in the Word.

One favorite type of “tab” I use, are little gift tags. I pick up packs of these in the Target Dollar Spot whenever I spy a cute set. I like these because they make good tabs, but they also have cute little string, etc as a book mark. For two of the past devotionals I went through this year, I made a style decision to use a tag for each entry to make them all look cohesive. I like how they each turned out. For the bigger ones, I put my whole main thought on the tag. For the smaller one, I put the name and day of the devotional I was working through.

In their new product release, Illustrated Faith just started making sets of tabs as well. I got my first pack a little bit ago and I love them. Assorted sizes, shapes and colors! You can see those featured in the bottom left of the photo at the beginning of the post. You can find some of their tab packs here!

Some other fun items you will see at that link are Illustrated Faith’s clips! They just came out with new designer clips and Pom Pom clips. I haven’t seen them in person, but the pictures are adorable. I have some of their little bow clips and I love how little they are, while being cute and impactful.

I also love using fabric clips that either I have made or that I’ve received from friends. I love seeing the cute scraps of fabrics have new life as markers in my Bible. Plus I love the look of the fabric peeking out of my Bible.

The last kind of tab I use in my Bible are ones that I have made out of scrapbooking paper or have punched out of Printables that I’ve gotten from online. I’m going to talk more about this tool tomorrow–so stay tuned!

img_5460I hope this gives a little pee into how I use tabbies and clips in my Bible! What’s your favorite way to mark your passages?

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