Bible Jounaling Basics: How to Start–Sermon Notes


Ok! So you’ve got your Bible. You’ve got your supplies! NOW WHAT?! I feel like so many people tell me, “I want to do Bible Journaling, but I just don’t know where to start!” Never fear, we’re tackling that question over the next few days! There are quite a few places to get started and I want to talk about the main ways I get my content for Bible Journaling.

The first, and probably easiest, way to get started is with sermon notes. Whether you attend a physical church each week or not, there are millions of teachings and sermons available to you, if you’re willing to look.

If you do attend a church, take some notes during the sermon. I have these notebooks that I stick in my Dori in my purse and during the message, I bust them out and start taking notes and doodling. This actually keeps my mind engaged instead of wandering off. I like to doodle and make them fun looking. It’s essentially free lettering and doodling practice outside of my Bible.

If you don’t attend a church, live out of town, are on vacation, or away at college, find a church online! Lots of churches nowadays post their teachings online in video or podcast format. I know my church does HERE. There are tons of churches and great teachers out there. I love Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, Mike Breaux, John Ortberg…to name a few.

Once you’ve got your notes, you’re ready to head to your Bible. Pick out the main verse from the message–or just one of the verses that hit home for you. Since you already took notes, read through and find the main passage or thought that you want to put into your Bible. Pick out your supplies and illustrate that message. Don’t forget to leave room for your own personal journaling and response.

I like to include the teacher, series, etc when I put these types of entries into my Bible so that I can remember where the inspiration came from. Since I work at the church, my weekends are a little crazy and I don’t always get the chance to put these notes into my Bible, but I love that when I do have down time…I have notebooks full of great notes!

Do you have a favorite teaching pastor, church or podcast you like to listen to? Tomorrow we’ll talk about another great way to get started!

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