Bible Journaling Basics: How to start–Devotionals


Today’s suggestion for getting started is the one I use the most, for sure: devotionals! There is every type of devotional out there, for any type of person. If you are a digital gal (or guy, I suppose!), there are plenty of digital options. I have used and liked YouVersion’s devotionals and reading plans; First 5 is a great app that starts your day with a little devo; She reads Truth offers free devotionals along with some you can pay for. Those apps can all be found in the Iphone App Store.

There are plenty of paper/book style devotionals out there too. My handy go to is Jesus Calling. Ultimately, just find one that works for you.

What I love about Illustrated Faith’s devotional kits is that they are geared for Bible Journaling. Since I discovered IF last year, I have loved participating in their devos and kits, once they joined with Dayspring to create those. I haven’t done them all…it takes me a bit longer than the estimated 14 days to finish one. But it’s not about rushing through to complete them for me. I want to soak them in and really learn from them. So I’m ok with the fact that I have a few sitting on my shelf, ready and waiting for me. I also love that when I’m working on the “current” kit, there are lots of others out in the social media world working through the same study I am. It’s like having a little Bible Journaling small group through Facebook and Instagram!

What I mean when I say the devotionals are geared for Bible Journaling, is that the kits come with fun supplies that are ready to go right onto the pages of your Bibles. Each kit includes a 14 day devotional. Those have passages and readings for each day, along with questions and space to journal. Some people make those spaces super artsy; some fill with writing. I’m normally somewhere between those two worlds, although I tend to do more writing in the devos and save my art for my Bible. Along with the devotional comes a coordinating stamp set and ink. I love having stamps that go right along with what I’m learning. The stamp backer (a cardstock fold out) contains paper pieces that can be cut and punched out. There’s also a roll of washi tape and an envelope with 3 Bible verse cards–these can be included in your journaling entries or you can give out to friends, put on your mirror, whatever you’d like! You can find all these kits here on Dayspring, or at my friend’s Etsy shop.img_1557

Devotionals are a really great way to step into Bible Journaling. They give you great inspiration and the ability to wrap your head around Scripture and how it applies to you. Then you take those main thoughts and themes and transport them into your Bible!

What is your favorite devotional–app? Certain book? Favorite Illustrated Faith devo?

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