Bible Journaling Basics: Supply Kits


Today I wanted to share an organization tip that I’ve been doing for awhile now. When I work through a devotional, I create a supply kit. What that means is, I go through all my supplies in total and pull out things that match the color scheme or theme of the devotional. Then I store this collection in a separate bag or organizer.img_5551

I am someone who tends to do a lot of crating on the go. Multiple nights of the week I am either at work or at my parents’ house or in-laws’. I used to lug around a ton of supplies with me and my hubby would think I was nuts. It also took me forever to make any progress on my entries because I was weeding through supplies trying to find things that matched what I was working through in my devotionals.

I saw Shanna do a video or blog about how she pulls things into a supply kit and knew that was what I needed to do! So now, when I start a new devotional, I look at the color scheme of the kit. With the Illustrated Faith kits, they make it easy. I look at the ink pad color and all the cut out colors. I go through my Big Brush Markers and pull out colors that match or go along. I then go through my washi collection and find some washi that will go with the kit colors. Then I skim through the devotional to see what type of themes and topics I will be working through. Then I sort through my stamps, paper, die cuts and tabs and find items that will go along with the themes and colors.

Having this Supply Kit enables me to really have everything at my finger tips ready to go. So when I sit down to Bible Journal, I don’t need to think about the supplies. I’m able to read my devotional and then already have things that match and are ready to go into my Bible. Bible Journaling is not meant to be about the supplies. Remember my very beginning posts of this series? All you need is a Bible and a pen. Don’t let your supplies become your focus. Get organized and then you can put all your focus on the Word and what God is speaking to you.

Let me walk you through the current Supply Kit I have on hand for working through the How He Love Us Illustrated Faith devotional.

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