Bible Journaling Basics: Organizing Supplies


If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for some good organization! I have a love for every organizational pouch, container, shelves, etc! Up until about a month ago, I was not at all happy with how my supplies were stored and organized. Like I said yesterday, a lot of my crafting is done on the go. So all of my supplies were stored in bags and totes. I knew how they were organized but it was not great.

I had been seeing on social media and pinterest, a lot of people with the IKEA Raskog cart and I was super envious. Then, wonder of wonders, as I was walking through Target, a light shone down on a magical cart that is practically identical! Plus there was a cartwheel deal! Savings for days!! I brought it home and put it together and I have been loving it ever since!img_5564

So let me show you how I organize my cart of supplies!

Almost all of my supplies fit on this cart. I do still have one big organizer case full of stickers and paper pieces. I haven’t figured out how to organize those and fit the on the cart yet! So for now, they’ll stay in the case!

How do you organize your supplies? Any fun tips? I always love organziational tips!! Don’t forget to enter the Dayspring drawing; the button is on the sidebar!


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