Bible Journaling Basics: Art Journals


We’re 24 days into this Bible Journaling Basics course. Have you jumped in yet? Or are you still a little hesitant to slap some paint and stickers into your Bible? It’s totally fine if you are. Today, I want to talk to you about another option for “Bible” journaling…let’s call it Art Journaling, since it won’t actually be on the pages of your Bible.


If you are still not comfortable with jumping into your Bible, why not start with a journal instead? I love art journaling because it gives me some freedom in my crafting. My notebooks of choice for art journaling are traveler’s notebooks. I love the compact size and the fact that I can easily carry these along with me. These notebooks measure 4.5″ x 8.5″ and they fit inside a cover called a Midori (or Dori for short).

Midori is the original brand that came out with these covers and notebooks. Now there are lots of companies and stores on etsy that make these “fauxdoris”–offbrand Midoris. You’ll see them called doris, mama-doris, faith-doris, fauxdoris, or just traveler notebooks covers. Essentially they are just fabric or leather covers that have elastic bands down the spine. You then slide your notebook onto the elastic band and voila! Your notebooks are housed inside the cover safe and sound! I have a few of these covers–the fabric one I got from an etsy shop NenaPazLuv (I love that it has pockets on the front and back cover and is super sturdy!), the gray leather one I got at Michaels this summer when they carried some in stores, the black leather one I made with supplies I got from Michaels (it was super easy and I love how functional it is!).img_5600

Illustrated Faith makes their devotional journals traveler’s notebook size, so it’s nice that they all fit in a cover so easily. Illustrated Faith also just came out with some covers and notebooks of their own that are so cute! You can check them out HERE.

All of the examples of mine that you will see are journals that are traveler’s size, but you can art journal in any type of notebook. Grab a journal you already have, or grab one from the dollar spot at Target–they always have cute ones in there! Like I said earlier, doing your “Bible” journaling in an art journal will free you from the stress of perfection or the fear of messing up; topics we will cover this next week!

I’ve used journals that are plain paper, brown kraft paper, journals with prompts at the top of each page, and this summer, I even did a camp themed study so my journal was in a “field notes” layout. I love trying out different techniques and styles in my journals. I have felt more free to paint or even draw–which are not my fortes. I tend to get more bold in my art and crafting in my journals because I don’t have to worry about covering up the text. You will also see that in some of my journals, I like to write a lot. I’m a writer girl…thus my screen name. I’ve always been someone who likes to journal, so I like filling my art journals with prayers and thoughts along with my art.

If you’ve been scared to jump into your Bible, hopefully the idea of art journaling frees you up a bit! Where is your favorite place to craft and journal?

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