Bible Journaling Basics: FAQ–What if you mess up?

img_5632Over the next few days we are going to tackle some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that I get in regards to actually creating and Bible Journaling. You’ve got the Bible and all your supplies…but you still aren’t able to take that leap and get started. What’s holding you back? 

One of the biggest things I hear is…”What if I mess up?!”

It’s true. It’s a scary thought. Thinking, “Oh my gosh, I just screwed up in my Bible! I ruined the Word of God!” Let me start by saying, you definitely did not ruin the Bible! This is definitely a valid fear and one that has absolutely gone through my mind. The key is to not let this–or any other fear or thing–hold you back from spending time in the Word and with God.

I’m not going to say that I’ve never gotten upset for screwing up a page, or that I’ve never been bummed with how something turned out in my Bible. But here’s the thing…we are all human. We aren’t going to be perfect. And unless you’re an actual legitimate artist, your Bible Journaling entries probably aren’t going to look like museum worthy pieces of art. That’s ok. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again. It’s not ultimately about the art and how pretty your page ends up. It’s about spending time with God and listening to what He’s saying to you as you paint and color and washi tape your Bible.

So when the mess ups happen, when you spell a word glaringly wrong, when your paint blends into an ucky color, your pen blows up, your ink bleeds through, when your page rips…what do you do?!

First, take a breath. It’s ok to be bummed, but don’t let the screw ups take away from the time you are spending with your Heavenly Father. Maybe He’s trying to teach you something–you’re not perfect and don’t have to be; His plans are better than ours; He can bring beauty from ashes.

Once you’ve got your heart and attitude in the right place, there are things you can do to fix, help or cover up a page that isn’t exactly what you’d envisioned.

There are so many supplies and products you can use to salvage a page from ruin. If you’ve spelled something wrong or your pen exploded–cover it up with a sticker! If your page starts to rip, add a strip to washi tape! If you feel like you’ve really botched a paint job or drawing, or if your ink has bled through to another page, take a journaling card or piece of scrapbook paper and cover that area up!

The same way Jesus looks at our crazy, screwed up lives, we can look at our Bible pages. There is no page that is too far gone! There is nothing that a sticker, washi or paper can’t handle! So don’t let the fear of messing up stop you from getting started. I promise–it’s worth it!

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