Bible Journaling Basics: FAQ–Where do you find Inspiration?


Bible Journaling is a personal artistic expression. I think that’s important to realize and remember. As you start this journey, creating your own art can seem really overwhelming. Those blank pages stare at you and coming up with what you want to create can be really difficult.

When I first started Bible Journaling, finding inspiration really gave me confidence. The key to finding inspiration is to make sure there’s a difference from inspiration and straight copying. When you look at others’ art for inspiration and then replicate it in similar ways and aspects in your Bible, be sure to credit them. Remember, it’s not about copying and recreating beautiful pieces of art; it’s about spending time with God and learning what He’s teaching in the Word.

If you feel like you have found something that you really want to replicate, be sure to make it your own. I have done this with pieces in my Bible. There have been images I can see in my mind, and then I’ve seen something online that is exactly what I was envisioning. I take that image and then try to make it my own: use supplies that I love and am comfortable, then tweak it and add something that’s “mine.”

Finding inspiration from others isn’t bad. I can’t tell you how much I love the fact that my social media news feed is filled with beautiful images of friends’ Bible pages. From these images, I have learned and tried new techniques that I had never thought of or knew how to do. Sometimes seeing images from others, allows you to see things in a new light or a new creative way.

If you are looking to find some great inspiration, there is tons out there. When I first got started a year ago, I found most of my inspiration on Pinterest, just by searching “Bible Journaling.” I get a lot great inspiration from Illustrated Faith. They feature lots of great artists and Bible Journalers on their instagram (@illustratedfaith) and on their Inspire page of their website. Speaking of Instagram, there are tons of great people to follow. Just search the hashtags, #biblejournaling #illustratedfaith #illustratedfaithdaily2016. You will find plenty of amazing people in this community. On Facebook, I am a part of a great Bible Journaling Facebook Group–Journaling Bible Community. We’d love to have you join the community!

So that is where I find inspiration! And you can always find me on instagram (@writegirl5786)–my link is over on the sidebar! Do you have other great places to find inspiration?

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