Bible Journaling Basics: FAQ–What if you can’t draw?


When I threw out the idea of this series and asked some friends what questions they had about Bible Journaling or why they were holding back from starting, this one came up a few times: What if you can’t draw?

Well, if you can’t draw…you are in luck! Drawing is not a required skill for Bible Journaling! In fact, if you asked me, I would absolutely not say I am a draw-er in the slightest. I mean, I do ok with Pictionary but that’s mostly because I’m super competitive. I never truly liked art classes and such because I really don’t like and don’t feel like I’m good at drawing. I can copy things great, or trace things pretty well. But actually making an image in my head come out on paper never seems to translate.

Lucky for those of us who feel this way, there is not requirement of drawing when it comes to Bible Journaling. There are SO MANY other options. We’ve talked about so many types of supplies or ways to illustrate your faith that don’t involve drawing: lettering, stickers, stamps or just plain journaling with a splash of color. No drawing needed!

Some people are amazing artists and can draw images that will only ever exist in my head. And that’s ok. I can lovingly admire their work. That is how God wired them and that’s how they are able to worship and praise Him. I’ll stick with my stickers and stamps and colors. It’s all about how we connect best with God and that’s what matters!

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