Bible Journaling Basics: FAQ–How do you learn lettering?


Much like drawing–yesterday’s topic–a lot of people feel like in order to do Bible Journaling they have to be an amazing hand-letterer. Let me tell you, once again, this is not the case.

I will admit, hand lettering is a fun thing for me. I have always loved doodling my letters and changing my handwriting. I have some friends who make a living with lettering. And I just can’t say no to a fun font.

So when I started Bible Journaling, I decided I wanted to learn more about lettering. Just like drawing, it definitely is not a requirement for Bible Journaling. But if you feel like lettering is something that sparks some creative interest in you, there are tons of websites and videos and books out there to help you learn and grow.

The biggest tip ever is to PRACTICE. No amounts of videos or books will instantly turn you into a great letterer. It’s going to require lots of practice.

Last year, during the #write31days challenge, I found a blogger doing a lettering series and that started me on my journey. I loved her tips and techniques and they are some of the go to things I use daily. You can check out “31 days to Love your Lettering” by CreativeLEI HERE.

There are also TONS of lettering gurus out there on IG and social media. I have found some ladies that I love following. I love their styles and techniques and often they post tips. Two of my faves are @ps348girl (Rebecca) and @Piecescalligraphy (Sharisse). Check out this awesome video of tips from Rebecca–it’s one of my favorites that I often go back and watch! Sharisse has a whole website of amazing info. She’s got videos and workshops and all kinds of things. But this “Learn” page on her site is a great place to get started!

I hope this gives you a place to get started if you are wanting to join in on the lettering fun. Remember, it’s not required but it’s definitely a fun piece to add to your Bible Journaling.

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