Gratitude Documented 2017 (part 1)

Hello friends! I’m so sorry if you felt like I abandoned you after two months of daily blog posts with Blogtember in September and Write 31 Days in October. I started working through the Gratitude Documented kit from Illustrated Faith at the beginning of November. (It’s not too late–you can still join us!) However, doing daily journaling and Bible Journaling has severely cut into any blogging time. But it’s definitely been worth it!

I have been sharing my daily pages and progress on my Instagram and Facebook feeds. If you don’t follow me, you can always catch updates there if I’m ever absent over here. Let me tell you a little about the Gratitude Documented kit and then I’ll show you my video flip through of my entries.

Gratitude Documented was how I got started with Illustrated Faith and Bible Journaling a year ago. This year the kit was created with Dayspring and had so many extra fun goodies. Not only did it come with the journal and stamp set, but it also came with a gorgeous gray ink pad, beautiful fall washi and some adorable cut outs. I’m in love with the fall beauty of this kit!img_5810

This kit is a little different from the other Illustrated Faith kits. The journal doesn’t have devotionals, just daily prompts to document your gratitude. I love that! The prompts are unique and fun and get you thinking. Then Illustrated Faith sent out a sheet of wordfetti goodness that included Bible Verses to go along with each topic. Love!

I have kept most of my entries pretty simple. I am using the “Cultivate a Thankful Heart” stamp and the cute little acorn stamp on each page, along with some of the washi tape. Those are my cohesive elements to tie each entry together. Other than those, I leave it pretty open…maybe some die cuts, stamps or stickers, but mostly leaving space to journal my prayers of thanksgiving!

We’re a little over a third of the way through this month of gratitude and it’s so cool to just pour my heart out each day to my Heavenly Father. Even if you don’t have the kit, documenting your gratitude each day is an awesome thing to do–especially this month! Join me!

Check out my video where I walk you through my journal and Bible entries!

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