Bible Journaling

I was inspired towards Bible Journaling after seeing some pictures pop up on Pinterest and Instagram. I started looking around online and discovered Illustrated Faith and Shanna Noel. I spent one afternoon reading on their website and knew I had to be a part of this! I went out to our local Barnes and Noble that afternoon and bought a Journaling Bible! That was late October of 2015.

I think the biggest reason that Bible Journaling is working for me is that I actually am looking forward to my devotional time each day! I think most of us–whether we are single, married, moms, working or not–can understand the busyness of life and at times, devotionals and quiet times get pushed to the back burner. Life gets crazy and sometimes we just want a couple extra minutes of sleep. So we let our “quiet time” go, or it just starts to lose priority, or it begins to just feel like a task that we are checking off each day. Bible Journaling has brought a colorful new life to the Word and I’m excited to dig in each day!

Can’t wait to share my journey and learnings with you! I’m praying that God will speak through me as I’m learning from Him.