#write31days 2016

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The #write31days challenge of October 2016 is back and I’m so excited to dive into a topic that has been a huge part of my life this year! Bible Journaling has changed me and my walk with God and I’m looking forward to taking this month and diving into some frequently asked questions about Bible Journaling, as well as showing you lots of techniques and my favorite supplies! I will be keeping a list of posts and links here so stay tuned and don’t miss a post!

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Day 1: What is Bible Journaling?

Day 2: Why do I Bible Journal?

Day 3: How do I start Bible Journaling?

Day 4: What do I need to start Bible Journaling?

Day 5: How to choose a Journaling Bible

Day 6: Bible Journaling Supplies: Pens & Pencils

Day 7: Bible Journaling Supplies: Markers

Day 8: Bible Journaling Supplies: Paint

Day 9: Bible Journaling Supplies: Stamps

Day 10: Bible Journaling Supplies: Ink

Day 11: Bible Journaling Supplies: Stickers

Day 12: Bible Journaling: Supplies: Neocolors and Gelatos

Day 13: Bible Journaling Supplies: Washi Tape and Adhesive

Day 14: Bible Journaling Supplies: Printables, Paper Pieces & Tip Ins

Day 15: Bible Journaling Supplies: Tabs & Clips

Day 16: Bible Journaling Supplies: Tools

Day 17: One Year Bible Journaling Anniversary

Day 18: How to start Bible Journaling: Sermon Notes

Day 19: How to start Bible Journaling: Worship Songs

Day 20: How to start Bible Journaling: Devotionals

Day 21: How to start Bible Journaling: Workshops

Day 22: Bible Journaling: Supply Kits

Day 23: Bible Journaling: Organizing Supplies

Day 24: Bible Journaling: Art Journals

Day 25: FAQ: What if you mess up?

Day 26: FAQ: How do you battle perfectionism?

Day 27: FAQ: Where do you find inspiration?

Day 28: FAQ: How do you find time?

Day 29: FAQ: What if you can’t draw?

Day 30: FAQ: How do I learn lettering?

Day 31: Journaling Bible Flip Through