#write31days 2015

Keep Breathing: 31 Songs that Speak to Your Soul in the Hard Times


As I’ve written this blog over the years, you may have noticed most, if not all, of my blog titles are song lyrics or titles. I have been wired in a way where my soul clings to music. Words of songs can touch my spirit in ways nothing else can.

My life has traveled many roads I never expected to walk and I have stared down obstacles that I never imagined I’d have to face. Through these journeys, certain songs have been mantras for me.

I can remember in the early days of 2010, as I was feeling extremely alone struggling with infertility and miscarriages, sitting in my car, tears streaming down my face, as lyrics of an Ingrid Michaelson song washed over my soul. I reached over to my ipod and created a playlist. I titled it the phrase/lyric on repeat in my brain, “Keep Breathing.”

Over the years, as songs have stirred my soul and emotions, I’ve added them to my playlist. This list of music is my go to–when life is hard, and when times are actually okay. Something within these words and tunes has touched me and I hope that I can impart some of my experiences, and likely some ramblings of my brain, on to anyone joining me in this 31 day venture.

I hope these songs and words can bring some light and love and hope into any dark valleys you are traveling.

Join me. #write31days

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  1. “Keep Breathing”
  2. “Beauty from Pain”
  3. “When the Tears Fall”
  4. “As Long as it Takes”
  5. “I Will Carry You”
  6. “From this One Place”
  7. “Oceans”
  8. “I Will Look Up”
  9. “The Story”
  10. “When You Believe”
  11. “You’re the Best Song”
  12. “River God”
  13. “In Your Arms”
  14. “It Is Well”
  15. “Home”
  16. “Beam Me Up”
  17. “You’re Not Alone”
  18. “Healer”
  19. “Broken”
  20. “To Those Who Wait”
  21. “Blessings”
  22. “Held”
  23. “Just Give Me a Reason”
  24. “The Sun Will Rise”
  25. “Your Hands”
  26. “Chasing Cars”
  27. “Say Something”
  28. “All Will Fade Away”
  29. “The Call”
  30. “Though You Slay Me”
  31. “Stand in the Rain”